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What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is the process of understanding the various career options available for an individual through analyzing the individual’s inherent Personality traits, Career Interest, Career Values and Aptitude. Through Career Counselling, best suited career paths will be determined, explored and planned to achieve the selected career goal.

What is its importance?

Career Counselling is the only solution to avoid college dropout, job dissatisfaction. Career stress, Midcareer crisis, Career Confusion and Career Ambiguity.

How is Euphemica Career Counselling different from others?

Our psychometric tools are scientifically tested and ensure high reliability and validity. These tests are very effective in assessing student’s personality pattern, aptitude, skills, career values, learning style and career interest. We use multiple assessments for higher accuracy and to avoid the risk of misinterpretation.

We take genuine interest in providing support to the students. We are aware of the fact that every individual is unique so we endeavor to empower each student to embrace his uniqueness. Our counselling sessions are systematic yet flexible. Our counselling approaches are tailored according to the requirement of individual.

We not only help students to choose right career but also help them to adopt more constructive life practices. Therefore in our counselling sessions we also offer intervention strategies which are best suited for students and help them to reach their full potential. Our intervention strategies includes programs like: Time management skills, concentration improvement strategies, cell phone addiction, procrastination etc.

What is the importance of psychometric tools in career counselling?

Psychometric tools have a very significant role in career counselling. These are used to identify and assess a student’s aptitude, skills, personality pattern, career values, learning style and career interest. These tests can be helpful in developing and understanding one’s strength and weaknesses and also provide clarity about one’s interest and personality type. They are also reliable in identifying the careers that match student’s interest and skill. It is imperative that tests are highly reliable, valid and standardized. It is equally important that the tests are administered by a professional counsellor or psychologist in order to use these assessment effectively and avoid misinterpreting results.

Who can take a career assessment test? Is there any preparation required for this assessment?

Students in 9th , 10th , 11th, 12th and also Graduates and Professionals can take the assessment test. No, no preparation is required. This assessment is not a test or exam to determine any score. This assessment is to understand you as a person.

What are important considerations for choosing a right career?

There are many aspects which should be considered while choosing a career. The career planning should be done keeping in view of one’s aptitude, interest, personality, career values and physical limitations and potentials.

How important is aptitude in career planning?

Aptitude is natural ability, natural skills or talent. If an individual selects career as per his aptitude, it will help him to excel and succeed in that field. In case a student doesn’t choose career keeping in view his aptitude, he/she may have problem of maladjustment and incompatibility. The lack of skillfulness and inability to cope with the desired norms of job may lead to the feeling of withdrawal and frustration. Hence, aptitude is of great and vital importance in the current scenario.

How important is interest in choosing career?

Career interest and preferences are very important in the process of career planning. Therefore before choosing a career it is important to identify your interest and discover the careers that match your interest. For instance, if you choose a career as per your interest and aptitude, you will be successful and work passionately. If you take up career that doesn’t fit your interest, you would find your work boring and fail to produce desired result.

I am in class 10th still not sure about what stream should I choose? Will I get benefitted by career counselling?

Yes, career counselling will help you to a great extent. After class 10th you are needed to select a particular stream. Career counselling will help you to know the pros and cons of the different streams and the career options it offers. Psychometric assessment will enlighten you about your personality, aptitude, career values and goals that will help you to make informed career choice.

I am confused …..

Don’t worry, we would love to help you. Career counselling will quell your confusion and provide clarity of thought. We will help you to make right career decision.

I don’t like my current job…..

Definitely we can help you. We have many candidates who have switched to new career and are satisfied with their decision.

I am not good at Maths ….

Don’t get disheartened. We will help you to identify your strengths and skills by administering psychometric tests on you. This will help you to focus on your strength and innate abilities and extract best out of them.

Please tell me something about your anger management program.

Our anger management program is based on Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral strategies which can help a person to understand and gain insight into their pattern of  behaviors. Our aim is to assist affected persons in coping with their anger in a healthy and constructive way. We also equip our clients with self-managing strategies that increase positive behavior.

Can we control our anger by suppressing it?

No, you can’t control your anger by merely suppressing it because this may lead to internalized anger. Internalized anger can have psychological and behavioral consequences. It may lead to problems like depression. Therefore we teach ways of dealing directly with anger rather than just suppressing it.

Do you have anger management program for teen-agers?

Yes, we do have anger management program specifically designed for adolescents.

My child gets very angry and uses abusive language. Can you help him?

Being verbally abusive is also a kind of angry behavior. There are numerous reasons for angry behavior. There can be many personal triggers, beliefs which may result in inappropriate angry behavior. This may also occur when a child is not able to express his feelings, thoughts or not able to get his needs met so he will inevitably accumulate anger and resentful feelings. It’s difficult to pinpoint one reason, individual counselling will surely help your child.

I sometimes get angry in front of my children. Will it affect them?

Yes, parents are a child’s first teachers and role models. A child learns most of his/her behavior from his parents. Therefore your inappropriate behavior may not only contribute to child’s behavioral problems but also interfere with effective parenting. Parent’s positive behavior and good mental health have positive impact on child’s emotional and behavioral  development.

How does stress affect our mental health?

Some stress can be beneficial to motivate us to perform better. But an extreme amount of stress can take a toll on our physical and mental health. A person who is stressed may feel worried most of the time, tend to over think and find it difficult to  concentrate and make decisions. Stress also leads to irritability, anger, insomnia, eating disorders. Prolong stress increases the risk of developing problems like depression and anxiety.

Stress is not good for our mental health. Does it affect our physical health also?

There is a strong association between our mental and physical health. Therefore prolonged and extreme stress can have adverse effect on physical health too. Many researches have revealed that stress can cause serious heart diseases, high blood pressure, poor digestive system, diabetes and obesity. It can also adversely affect immune system.

What is positive stress?

We usually relate stress with negative situations. But stress is not always bad. Positive stress which is also known as ‘Eustress’ is beneficial and it can lead to personal growth. Starting a new job, buying a home are examples of positive stressors. Positive stress motivates us to work harder and improves performance.

How will you assist me in overcoming stress in my life?

We will work with you to understand your problems and accordingly guide you to cope with them.

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We aim to empower our youth to rightly assess their aptitude, personality, career values and interests with scientific psychometric tests and psychological counselling to choose the correct career path for themselves.

We also aim to assist you to overcome undue stress and get control of extreme emotion of anger and thus enable you to lead a happy and contended life.

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