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The selection of career is one of the most crucial decisions in one’s life. The word ‘career’ is associated with dreams, goals, lifestyle and social recognition that a person seeks to achieve in his/her life, it also determines the kind of work environment in which one would work. Therefore a career should be chosen with utmost care and planning.

Gone are the days when there were limited career options available for the students. This era of internet and global competition offers a plethora of choices for the students, but it has increased perplexity among youth. They don’t know which career is the best option for them.

Everyday new careers are emerging but in every career specific cognitive abilities, personality type, skills and physical abilities are required for achieving better results. Therefore, one should have good knowledge of his cognitive abilities, interest, potentials and limitations while planning the career.

Since career planning is the projection of our future, it is imperative to discover those skills and aptitudes in our lives on which we have impeccable control. Remember a right career at right time not only provides us financial security but also promotes effectiveness, contentment, prosperity and growth opportunities.

We Are Here To Find The Answers To Your Questions

  • What stream should I select after 10th?
  • What field of study should I pursue?
  • I have no interest in any specific subject/career. What should I do?
  • I am interested in multiple areas; can’t choose just one!
  • What if, I make a choice, then change my mind?
  • Don’t know what to do after graduation?
  • My career goals differ from my family’s expectations!
  • Want to find a new career path that will be based on my skills.
  • What kind of work environment fits me?

“We Work With You Through The Process To Help You Succeed In Life”

Our Key Features

  • Career Assessment to explore your Personality, Interest, Career Values, Learning style and 8 Skills and Aptitude.
  • Identify your most suitable Career Path.
  • Detailed career analysis with execution plan.
  • Personal Counselling from our Expert Counsellor.
  • Comprehensive 30 page individual Career Report with Educational Road map and analysis.
Why Us For Career Counselling

Our psychometric tools are scientifically tested and ensure high reliability and validity. These tests are very effective in assessing student’s personality pattern, aptitude, skills, career values, learning style and career interest. We use multiple assessments for higher accuracy and to avoid the risk of misinterpretation.

We take genuine interest in providing support to the students. We are aware of the fact that every individual is unique so we endeavor to empower each student to embrace his uniqueness. Our counselling sessions are systematic yet flexible. Our counselling approaches are tailored according to the requirement of individual.

We not only help students to choose right career but also help them to adopt more constructive life practices. Therefore in our counselling sessions we also offer intervention strategies which are best suited for students and help them to reach their full potential. Our intervention strategies includes programs like: Time management skills, concentration improvement strategies, cell phone addiction, procrastination etc.


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About Us

We aim to empower our youth to rightly assess their aptitude, personality, career values and interests with scientific psychometric tests and psychological counselling to choose the correct career path for themselves.

We also aim to assist you to overcome undue stress and get control of extreme emotion of anger and thus enable you to lead a happy and contended life.

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